Siltumsūkņis gaiss-KŪ AQUA1 Plus 90 HT



AQUA1 PLUS is a range of heap pumps for domestic hot water production, fit for small residential applications. It is the smart solution for tap water heating, with no use of traditional fuels, but electricity, air and eventually sun (thermal and PV). Efficiency, ecology and flexibility are the keywords which discriminates AQUA1 PLUS vs a traditional electric water heater.

– Air-Water Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump with integrated storage
– Passive defrosting system suitable for min. temp. of not less than 4°C
– Wall hung installation (mod. 90) or floor standing (mod. 160, 200 and 260)
– Ductable version (on the exhaust side), both with horizontal or vertical ducts
– Auxiliary elettrical backup heater
– Electronic control onboard with Auto, Economy and Overboost modes and programmable setpoints (daily or weekly); intelligent management of the electrical
backup heater.
– Enamelled steel storage with PU 50 mm insulation
– Aluminium heat exchanger (coil) wrapped outside the storage tank
– Magnesium anode for corrosion protection
– Anti-legio programmable cycle
– Photovoltaic input signal available